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The Shape Disc

A shape disc is a CD or DVD cut from a 120 mm disc. Its shape can differ from the traditional circular form. It can contain audio, video or other data just like a normal CD or DVD, although the data volume is very limited since a large part of the writable surface of the disc has been cut away. The data volume depends on the shape, but there must always be a circular surface in the centre for data storage.

Shape discs can be used as an unusual promotional technique to draw attention to a specific product or the company itself. They can for example contain songs, presentations, promotional copy or films or address details (telephone number, e-mail addresses etc.). Round shape discs with a diameter of 80 mm, also called mini discs, can contain data volumes of up to 200 MB as a CD and up to 1.4 GB as a DVD. Being small and light, they are particularly well-suited to posting.

Overview of features:

  • individual shape
  • ideal for promotional purposes
  • CD storage capacity: up to approx. 200 MB
  • DVD storage capacity: up to approx. 1.4 GB


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