A section of our service standards:


Unique technology from CDA

Serial numbering

Individual mass labelling

We can number your CDs and DVDs individually. Your product is labelled using an inkjet printer directly on the polycarbonate or on white space. High-quality printing is possible with our matrix printer.

Serial numbering on one or two lines, as preferred, is possible with screen printing and offset printing. Up to 36 alphanumeric characters are available per line.
This allows you, for instance, to print the activation key for software products or serial numbers of limited editions directly on your data media.

Copy Protection

Security for your rights

As part of our investment in a Blu-ray production line, CDA has also added AACS to its range of copy protection systems. This method of copy protection (Advanced Access Content System) has been developed especially for high-definition formats and its encryption method guarantees a high degree of security for the content to be protected. Another component of copy protection for Blu-ray Discs is the BD-ROM MARK. This is a physical mark on the Blu-ray Disc applied during the glass mastering process. Both copy protection methods are mandatory for a Blu-ray Disc production facility. Optionally BD+ can also be added. This is a part of rights management and this copy protection mechanism is implemented by the content owner or their authoring studio.

CDA is an AACS licensee and member of the Blu-ray Disc Association and so is able to perform all the steps needed for integrating copy protection mechanisms in-house. The content owner must have concluded a licence agreement with the AACS LA to place an order for Blu-ray production.

As a result of piracy the film, music and software industries suffer multimillion-dollar losses every year. CDA works with other well-known manufacturers of copy protection, systems such as ProtectDisc and Rovi, to counter this trend. These systems can be used to protect CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and DVD Videos.


Our capacities

Storage: 9000 spaces for your products
We can take care of the storage and distribution of your products for you. Our high-rack warehouse has 9000 storage spaces available. Our warehouse management is fully computer-supported, meaning we can respond flexibly and are fully equipped to meet your logistics and distribution needs.


Flexible and individual shipping

Within Germany, goods are usually delivered within 24 hours. If you wish, we can also ship abroad to your customers worldwide.

We"re happy to meet your needs, whether it's a special shipping request or shipping an individual product. Your products are prepared for shipping quickly and reliably in our logistics centre.


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