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In the future, RFID systems will supersede the barcodes that were previously used for identification of objects. The integration of the RFID chip into an information medium is a technology patented by CDA GmbH and offers many benefits: in addition to revolutionary new possibilities for copy protection of CDs and copy protection of DVDs, unique and global identification of storage media is possible.

Serial numbering, batch or tracking information can now be stored directly in the data media. Information media can be used individually with regard to access limitations, for example through the querying of activation codes. Since the system is contactless and does not need a line of sight to the reader for data to be processed, the integration of RFID technology offers comprehensive protection against theft. This results in benefits for the retail industry, which annually suffers high losses, and lost sales, as a result of theft. The system also enables the user"s identity to be checked. Only if this check is successful is the data on the storage medium made available for use. Please talk to us, we would be happy to offer individual advice.

Overview of the benefits of RFID technology

  • unique global identification
  • direct storage of serial numbering, batch or tracking information
  • user identity check


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